Dell PERC Predictive Failure reported サーバストレージに障害予測



イベントID: 2094
Predictive Failure reported: Physical Disk 0:1:0 Controller 0, Connector 0

Predictive が予測という意味
故障する前で、Non-critical だから、非重要(致命的じゃないって事)





Event ID – 2094
Description Predictive Failure reported.
Severity Warning / Non-critical
Cause and Action Cause: The physical disk is predicted to fail. Many physical disks contain Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). When enabled, SMART monitors the health of the disk based on indications such as the number of write operations that have been performed on the disk.
Action: Replace the physical disk. Even though the disk may not have failed yet, it is strongly recommended that you replace the disk.

If this disk is part of a redundant virtual disk, perform the Offline task on the disk; replace the disk; the rebuild starts automatically.

NOTE NOTE: If you put the drive in a different slot, you need to assign it as a hot spare for the rebuild to start automatically.
If this disk is a hot spare, then unassign the hot spare; perform the Prepare to Remove task on the disk; replace the disk; and assign the new disk as a hot spare.

CAUTION CAUTION: If this disk is part of a non-redundant disk, back up your data immediately. If the disk fails, you cannot recover the data.
Related Alert Information Clear Alert Number: None
Related Alert Number: None

Local Response Agent (LRA) Number: 2070

SNMP Trap Numbers 903